“Utagawa Kunisada ~Japanese Lifestyle and Fashion”

Planned Exhibition

2016, April 1~24th

(will be closed on April 4, 11 and 18th)



Leading Artist, Utagawa Kunisada who Depicted the Lifestyle of Edo People
Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1864) was the leading ukiyo-e artist of his time. His popularity was far greater than that of Hokusai, Hiroshige, and Kuniyoshi. While Kunisada not only has the largest number of works for kabuki-actor portraits, but also has left many artworks depicting the lifestyle of the Edo people. He is an invaluable artist who visually transmits the life style of Edo to viewers today.

Enjoying Japanese Lifestyle and Fashion
Kunisada‘s ukiyo-e captures Japanese lifestyles from a wide variety of angles. Portrayed in his works are people who are relishing the beauty of nature during seasonal transitions, enjoying a delicious meal, making music, and fondling a cat. Also pay attention to the women, whose appearances give us a glimpse into the clothing and make-up trends of the time. Through his art, Kunisada brings out the vibrant lifestyles and fashions of Japanese culture.

「今様三十二相  すゞしさう」

“Thirty-two Contemporary Appearances: Looking Cool” Refreshing by Taking a Bath

「二十四好今様美人  甘い物好」

“Twenty-four Tastes of Modern Beauties : Lover of Sweets”  Loving Sweets

「江戸名所百人美女 赤さか氷川」

“One Hundred Beauties with the Inset of the Famous Places of Edo: Hikawa Shrine, Playing Koto” Practicing a Koto (thirteen-stringed Japanese musical instrument)

「当世俳優贔屓競 猫抱く女」

“Comparison of Favorite Modern Actors : Woman Holding a Cat”
Giving a Collar to a Cat

「当世美人合  おゐらん」

“Collection of Contemporary Beauties : High-ranking Courtesan”                    Gorgeous Hair Ornaments

「江戸名所百人美女 今川はし」

“One Hundred Beautiful Women at the Celebrated Places in Edo: Woman at Imagawa-bashi Bridge”Caring Hair Elaborately

Highlight Work of Exhibition
”One Hundred Beautiful Women at 
the Celebrated Places in Edo: Yoshichō”


Rakish Standing Posture of Geisha

The geisha stands upright with a Shamisen (a three-stringed Japanese musical instrument). She holds a kaishi, a Japanese tissue, in her mouth, while looking this way. While she wears the formal black kimono, typical for a geisha, the red juban (undershirt for kimono) that shows from the kimono collar and skirt gives an amorous feel. The flowing purple kimono belt is also a very geisha-like style.

Translation Supervised by Japanese Students Association of Princeton University

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