2019(April)-2020 (March)

Hokusai – The Road to Mt. Fuji

2019, April 4th-May 26th

【1st Term】 2019, April 4th-29th  
【2nd Term】 2019, May 3rd-26th

Walking the hills and valleys of Edo


2019, June 1st-26th

Life with blue – Kimono, pottery and daily articles

2019, July 2nd-28th

Invitation to different worlds – Specters, the spiritual world and foreign countries

2019, August 2nd-28th

Utagawa Toyokuni – A man who surpassed Sharaku

2019, September 3rd-29th

Utagawa Kuniyoshi

2019, October 4th-27th

Hidden ukiyo-e of the Meiji Period

2019, November 2nd – December 22nd

【1st Term】 November 2nd-24th 
【2nd Term】 November 29th- December 22nd

Masterpieces of ukiyo-e paintings from Ota Memorial Museum of Art

January 11th-February 9th

Kaburaki Kiyokata and Hirezaki Eiho – Illustrations bringing color to modern literature

February 15th-March 22nd